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An enhanced way to display validation errors in ASP.NET

We are all familiar with ASP.NET validators and know how to use them to give user instant response when invalid data is entered. Today, I am going to show you an enhanced way to display validation errors by using JavaScript and ASP.NET valiation client API, for instance, when a control causes a validation error, besides display an error message (or an icon), we can add a red border around the control and also change its […]

Use RangeValidator to Validate Date Entry

Suppose you would like to check if a date entered by user is not only a valid date but also meets other requirements, for instance, a date of birth cannot be later than today, the start date of a scheduled task/event needs to be later than today, etc. Of course, if possible, I would use RJS.PopCalendar to accomplish this type of task, but if third-party DLL’s are not allowed, then you can use the built-in […]