Office 2010 Beta

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New security feature in Microsoft Office 2010 – Protected View

As I mentioned in my previous post, Microsoft Office 2010 introduced many new features to help user to get their work done more quickly and more safely. Protected View is one of the new security features introduced to add another security layer to protect user when working with potentially harmful documents. The basic idea of the Protected View is to provide a sandbox environment to allow user to preview untrusted or potentially harmful documents, so […]

Quick glance at Microsoft Office 2010 beta

Microsoft released the first public beta of Office 2010 two days ago, within one month after the release of Windows 7. There are some major feature changes from Office 2007 plus some UI changes. For example, Office 2010 has a native 64-bit version that enables user to work on files or databases larger than 2GB. There are also some new security changes in Office 2010 to provide more protection against malicious attacks, for instance, Data […]