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JavaScript inventor and Mozilla ex-CEO creates new Brave web browser

Brendan Eich, the inventor of JavaScript and the ex-CEO of Mozilla, got media’s attention again, only this time it is for his new invention: Brave web browser. It is based on the Chromium web browser and it aims to block website trackers and ads. Take a look at the two screenshots of CNN website in Google Chrome and Brave for comparison: CNN website in Google Chrome shows advertisement CNN website in Brave does not have advertisement All […]

Google Chrome removes NPAPI support

It’s been two years since Google Chrome announced in September 2013 their plan to remove NPAPI support and according to their plan, the NPAPI support will be officially removed from Google Chrome including the current temporary override, and no NPAPI will be loaded. Many Chrome users have been complaining about the removal since the announcement because currently many plugins are built with NPAPI and the impact of removing NPAPI support would be big, but it didn’t change […]

FireFox 5.0 released

As promised in FireFox’s new rapid release development cycle, Mozilla released a new version of FireFox web browser today: FireFox 5.0, about three months after the release of FireFox 4.0 on March 22nd, 2011. Go ahead upgrade your current FireFox or download and install FireFox if you are not using it (really? You are not using FireFox?), and enjoy the security and feature it brings to you.

Some features I like in IE 9

1. Speed and Performance With its own JavaScript engine Chakra, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 released this week has better SunSpider JavaScript test score than any other web browsers, such as Google Chrome 10, FireFox 3.6 (and FireFox 4.0 RC), Safari 5.0, and Opera 11. The new JavaScript engine is also able to access the computer’s graphics card processor to speed up the performance, especially for 3D graphic and video (this is so called hardware acceleration […]