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Drop Dropbox and pick up SugarSync

IMPORTANT UPDATES I just found out that Windows Live Mesh does NOT encrypt user files stored on their server, here is the original blog post talking about how the original Live Mesh was designed and implemented three years ago:, and to my disappointment, three years later, Windows Live Mesh still has not implemented data encryption to protect user files. Here is the question I asked and the answer I got from Widnows Live Help […]

US map with hotspot for each state

I was working on a project last week and I needed a US map with hotspot for each state, when user clicks on a state in the map, the web displays information related to the selected state. I searched the Internet but could not find anything, so I decided to create my own US map with hotspot for each state. Things needed: A US map picture with state names Macromedia Dreamweaver MX (I only have […]

Batch update your Web.config to workaround ASP.NET security vulnerability

[UPDATE]: There is no need for using this tool to update your web applications, because Microsoft has released the official ASP.NET security fix through Windows Update: You may have already known the newly discovered ASP.NET security vulnerability, and the suggested workaround is to modify your Web.config file until Microsoft releases a security path, as mentioned in Scott’s blog: I hope you have already updated your application according to the workaround. However, what if […]

Windows Live Mail and Writer got a new face

If you are a Windows Live Essentials user as I am, then you should give the new Windows Live Essentials beta a try. The beta product was released to public last week and finally I decided to install it. Among all Windows Live Essentials products, I use Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Writer, and Windows Live Sync, especially Windows Live Mail and Writer, I use them almost every day. The beta version […]

Picture Collage Maker: a great tool to create photo collage

When I was asked to create a custom header with collaged photos by one of my customers for his business web site, the first thing I did was to Google for a free good collage tool. Not surprisingly, I found a list of free collage software that seem to be very promising, such as Shape Collage, Scrapbook Flair, and E.M. Free Photo Collage, however, none of them works for me because they either don’t have […]

Google Voice released to public for free

Google released Google Voice to public(well so far for people in US only) free of charge today. If you have not heard about Google Voice and want to know what it is, then watch this video below: Once you sign up and choose a Google Voice phone number, you can add your home, work, or mobile phone to your Google Voice account, then once someone call your Google Voice phone number, all phones that you […]

Getting more space for Microsoft Office Live Workspace

Good news for Microsoft Office Live Workspace users! Microsoft Office Live Workspace account will be upgraded to Windows Live SkyDrive very soon, which means it will become a part of Windows Live SkyDrive and as a result user’s space will be increased to 25GB SkyDrive from the current 5GB Workspace. The upgrade will be automatic and all your Workspace files will be moved to your SkyDrive automatically. The upgrade plan consists of two phases, during […]

Process Explorer cannot replace Task Manager in Vista 64-bit

I installed the latest version of Process Explorer (v12) on my Vista 64-bit computer and set it to replace the default Task Manager, however, when I right-clicked the task bar to launch Task Manager, Process Explorer did not come up but an error message saying cannot find taskmgr.exe file: Windows cannot find ‘C:\Windows\system32\taskmgr.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. The old version of Process Explorer does not have this problem. […]