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Type special symbols in Visual Studio .NET text editor

Have you ever had this problem that you need to type some special symbols in Visual Studio .NET text editor? Such as ©, ®, ±, à, À, and the list goes on. Of course, if you are working on an ASPX file, you can always use the HTML editor and type in their HTML names or HTML numbers, and Visual Studio .NET will automatically convert them to those special symbols (VS 2005 does a much […]

Missing hard drive space – Windows XP and 2003 Server

Here is the scenario: One day, you found your available hard drive space is very low, so you opened up Windows Explorer and selected all folders under C drive to see the total of the used hard drive space. You subtracted the total used space from the total hard drive space to see how much space you still have. Then you found a big and significant discrepancy between your calculated available space and the free […]

SMTP service cause high CPU usage

Last week when I was debugging some application, I suddenly noticed that my computer was getting slow. So I opened Task Manager, and to my surprise, my CPU usage was about 60%! My first thought was that there must be some bad process holding up my resources, but I was too lazy to find out which process was the “bad” guy and I took a very non-savvy approach to fix this issue: reboot. So I […]

Convert pwi file to mp3 file

If you use PDA to record some sound, the file format you get will be .pwi format. It is not a supported audio format for most media players, or audio converters either. After searching the Internet, I found the following work-around to convert the .pwi format to the mp3 format. You need two tools before you start: A Hex editor. I use PSPad editor. An audio converter. I use Audacity. Here are the steps: Open […]

How to Remove Entries from the Remote Desktop Connection Computer Box

Any time you use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to another computer, the name or the IP address of the connected computer is stored, so that next time when you open up Remote Desktop Connection again, you can select the computer name or IP address from the computer drop down list to save some time on typing. This feature is very handy if the connecting computer is your personal computer, but if you are using […]

The advanced theme of WordPress rich text editor

Do you know there is an advanced theme in the rich text editor of WordPress? If you don’t know, then you have missed a lot. Here is the way to turn it on: First of all, you have to choose to use rich text editor, which can be set in the Options. 1. Place your cursor in the rich text editor with the Viual mode selected. 2. If you are using FireFox, then press Shift+Alt+v; […]

Integrate Windows XP SP2 into installation CD

Think about the following scenario: You have a Windows XP installation CD without any service pack, like those old ones, and you download the Service Pack 2 from Microsoft website. Now you want to re-install your computer (you know it is very common with Windows, isn’t it!), what do you do? First, install Windows XP, then install the Service Pack 2. But, have you ever thought about the integration of the Windows XP installation CD […]