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Use jQuery to style ASP.NET GridView

In ASP.NET, the style of GridView is usually controlled either by using a CSS file or by using a skin file and in many cases this works well, but what if we need to style the GridView as follows: Of course it can be done in code behind by looping through the GridView rows and applying different CSS class for each row. It needs at least a “For” loop and a calculation of the reminder […]

Using jQuery with ASP.NET – Why is it not working??

jQuery? What? jQuery is a powerful JavaScript library which aims to reduce the time and effort for writing JavaScript code, and to support Unobtrusive JavaScript. Take the following line of code as an example: $(“table tr:nth-child(even)”).addClass(“yellow”); The above line highlights every other row in a table with a yellow color (assume you have a style called “yellow”). If you use raw JavaScript, it may take you dozens of lines of code to accomplish the same […]