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Using CSS Margin Auto May Cause CSS Transitions Not To Work

The CSS transitions and transformations make it very easy to change different properties of an element on a web page and to apply those changes without using JavaScript. For instance, we can use simple CSS transitions to move a <div> box slowly to the right side of a window when the mouse hovers over the window, as shown in this code snippet: See the Pen A simple moving box by Jeffrey (@NTOTL) on CodePen. In […]

HTML Label Tag Causes Mysterious Behavior of ASP.NET Button

Recently, because of my ignorance of the HTML label tag, I encountered a very weird problem. I have a page like this: And the problem is no matter which button I click, the “Save Student Record” button is always fired. Even I set a break point on the button clicked event handler of the button “New Search”, the break point never gets triggered. If I switch the Save Student Record button and the New Search […]

US map with hotspot for each state

I was working on a project last week and I needed a US map with hotspot for each state, when user clicks on a state in the map, the web displays information related to the selected state. I searched the Internet but could not find anything, so I decided to create my own US map with hotspot for each state. Things needed: A US map picture with state names Macromedia Dreamweaver MX (I only have […]

Firefox 3.7 pre-release 4 still not pass Acid3 test, but getting close

As shown in my last post, Firefox 3.6.2 didn’t pass the Acid3 Test with a score 94/100, 6 points away from passing the test. Today, I downloaded Firefox 3.7 Pre-release 4 and ran the Acid3 Test again to see if the new Firefox will do better. The result showed that Firefox 3.7 Pre-release 4 did do a better job than Firefox 3.6.2, but unfortunately it still didn’t pass the test, having a score of 96/100. […]

ASP.NET tooltip alternative: Cool DHTML Tooltip II – Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2, I talked about how to use Cool DHTML Tooltip II to replace ASP.NET built-in tooltip for better user experience. However, you may notice that if you use Cool DHTML Tooltip II in an AJAX ModalPopup, the tooltip is displayed underneath the ModalPopup. It turns out that when the AJAX ModalPopup is generated, its z-index is always reset to 100001 so the popup window is always on top of other […]

Meta Refresh tag

Since I decided to stop using, I created a simple index.php with a META refresh tag to redirect visitors to my new site. This is what I used in my index.php file: <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”10;” > This works fine in FireFox, but in IE, it keeps refresh itself without redirecting to the new site. It took me quite some time to figure out that I missed “url=” for the destination URL. So it […]

Adding Background Color to RadioButtonList Items

With the same CSS and similar code as I posted before for adding background color to CheckBoxList items, we can do the same thing to a RadioButtonList control. Here is the code-behind file: Private Sub RadioButtonList2_DataBound(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles RadioButtonList2.DataBound Dim cols As Integer = Me.RadioButtonList2.RepeatColumns If (cols = 0) Then cols = 1 End If For i As Integer = 0 To Me.RadioButtonList2.Items.Count – 1 Dim j As […]

Adding Background Color to CheckBoxList Items

UPDATE 12/08/2008: The CheckBoxList control in my example has RepeatColumns=0 and RepeatDirection=Vertical. if your RepeatColumns > 0, then you will need to change RepeatDirection=Horizontal, and also change the code behind as follows: Private Sub CheckBoxList1_DataBound(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles CheckBoxList1.DataBound Dim cols As Integer = Me.CheckBoxList1.RepeatColumns If (cols = 0) Then cols = 1 End If For i As Integer = 0 To Me.CheckBoxList1.Items.Count – 1 Dim j As Integer […]

Processing feedback with JavaScript and CSS

I wrote a post before about giving user some feedback when a long process occurs. It is very simple if you use AJAX as the post shows. But what if your boss told you that you can’t use AJAX for whatever reason, like my boss told me? Well, the good news is that you still can do it with JavaScript and CSS. The trick is to use JavaScript’s setTimeout function to repeatedly check the value […]