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Run server control event handler before executing javascript

Sometimes, we need to run the event handler of a server control before executing some javascript code. For instance, when user clicks a button called “Save and Close Window”, the application saves data into database, then closes the window automatically. How can we accomplish this? We can’t add an “onclick” javascript to the button’s attributes, because if we do, then the application will run the javascript code and thus close the window before it even […]

Datagrid inline editing problem: textbox does not hold new value

I had a problem with DataGrid inline editing last Friday: I click the “Update” LinkButton in the DataGrid, but the DataGrid still shows the old value. After stepping into the source code, I found that the TextBox in the DataGrid under the editing mode still holds the old value, and the value that I typed in seems to be lost somehow. Well, I thought it might be the ViewState issue, so I checked the ViewState […]

AJAX Tutorial

AJAX is becoming a hot topic in Web applications and it seems that every Web developer is talking about it or advocating it or criticizing it, or whatever. Some even refer it as “future of the Web”. What in the world is AJAX then? First of all, AJAX is NOT a language. Secondly, AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is just a technique, actually an old technique called remote scripting which allows client-side […]

Login failed for user ‘…’. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection

Just got my new development computer set up, here is the machine information: Dell PRECISION 380 Workstation CPU: Pentium 4 3.4GHz RAM: 2GB Hard drives: 2 X 250GB with RAID controller Video card: nVidia Quadro FX1400 dual head support with DVI output DVD ROM and DVD-RW ROM Monitor: 2 X Dell 19″ Flat Panel I had been working on it in the past few days to get it set up and to transfer files from […]