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Simple ways to make some extra money

If you have a computer, a smartphone, an Internet connection and some free time, then you can use them to make some extra bucks. Here are some ways: 1. Swagbucks Honestly, when I first heard about Swagbucks, I was suspicious. It has a catchy name but does it really let you earn free gift cards or cash? Could it be another money scam? But finally I decided to give it a try after reading some […]

Amazon Underground offers completely free apps

Amazon Underground is a new Amazon Android shopping app that offers thousands of free apps and games, here “free” means completely free, even the in-game purchase is free. So if you install an free app or game with in-game purchase option, then you don’t even need to pay the in-game purchase. That sounds too good to be true? But it is true. So you may ask, “what is the catch then?” Well the only catch is […]

Amazon offers unlimited cloud storage to beat competitors

The cloud storage business has always been a competitive one and now it will get more competitive and even deadly after Amazon released two very cheap cloud storage plans: Unlimited Photos plan and Unlimited Everything plan. The Unlimited Photos plan is priced at $11.99 per year and allows customers to store unlimited photos in their Amazon Cloud Drive. However, if customers are willing to pay $48 more per year, then you can upgrade the Unlimited Photos plan to […]

Why I ditched my Kindle Fire HDX tablet

Since I gave away my Google Nexus 10 to my son, I have been shopping around to get a new tablet for myself. Then during Valentine’s day, Amazon had a really attractive deal on Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (64 GB WiFi version), which price was marked down to $299 from the original $479. I never had Kindle Fire product before and the price was too good to pass, so I purchased one before the one-day […]

12 Amazon features that will make you love Amazon more

I came across an article on Business Insider titled “12 Amazon features you probably didn’t know existed“. Indeed, after reading the article, I realize that I didn’t know about half of the listed features, though I have been using Amazon Prime for quite some time. These newly “discovered” Amazon features just make me love Amazon more. How about you?

Use Solid State Drive (SSD) to boost computer performance

If you have a Windows PC, have you noticed that your PC runs fast in the first couple of months, then it becomes slow? You probably also Googled the Internet to see how to improve the PC performance and came across lots of software claiming to be able to to it, but the truth is the performance gained from those software is marginal, and what is worse is that those software may make your PC unstable […]

Amazon Prime member gets unlimited photo storage

If you are an Amazon Prime member, then you can start enjoying a new service: unlimited photo storage with no extra cost. This new services shows how competitive the online storage service has become and how hard companies are trying to keep their loyal customers, especially the big three: Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Google Photo uses Google Drive space (15 GB) to auto-backup and store all photos and video of yours, and if your photo […]