[Fix] LG G3 blue screen of death and fix

I never imaged that Android has blue screen of death until my son handed to me his LG G3 smartphone with a blue screen of death. And after several seconds, the blue screen disappeared and the phone went “dead” and would not respond to any buttons, including long-holding the power button. After I opened up the phone case, take out the battery, and put it back, I was able to turn the phone on, but immediately the same blue screen appeared followed by the same situation with no button responding. I was totally convinced that Android suffers the blue screen of death as well.

Before I tell you how I found out the cause and the fix, let me give you another piece of information to help you identify if your LG G3 has the same problem.

About two weeks before the blue screen of death incident, my son told me one day that the WIFI on his phone has stopped working: the WIFI service cannot be turned on or cannot stay on for enough time to establish a wireless connection. The mobile data service, however, worked just fine and he could connect to LTE or 4G with no issues. After some online searches, I found the only temporary solution is to do a cache partition wipe, however, the WIFI service after the wipe usually worked for several hours before it died again. Since he could still use the mobile data connection, I decided not to try to fix the WIFI issue again, instead we decided to get him a new phone when we saved enough money. However, this blue screen of death issue obviously is more urgent than failed WIFI service and it forced me to start investigation again.

During my online searches, I came across some posts claiming that they fixed the same problem by putting the motherboard of the phone in an conventional oven at around 350 F for about 10 minutes (post #20, 24, 25, 26 in this page, a similar solution in this thread). At first I thought those people were joking and were trying to toast their malfunctioning phones out of despair, but after so many unsuccessful trials myself, I became so desperate that I was willing to give any suggested idea a try, so I followed their instructions in the post above and I was surprised and speechless to find out that it actually worked! Not only it fixed the blue screen of death problem, it also fixed the previous WIFI issue, so the phone is back to normal. After I thought it through, I think the WIFI issue and the later blue screen of death are related and were caused by the same problem: LG didn’t do a good job on moisture prevention for the phone’s motherboard. Maybe the coating they put on the motherboard is defective, and when the weather becomes cold (happened to be the case in my area), moisture made it the way to the motherboard and may have short-circuited the motherboard. When the motherboard is put in oven at 350 F, the heat will drive out the moisture resulting a functional motherboard and phone.

If your LG G3 phone suffers from the blue screen of death, you can try this solution (at your own risk):

1. Open the phone case and take out the battery, SIM card, SD card, and other removable cables, such as camera. If not, they will get melted in the oven!

2. Remove the motherboard and place it in a baking pan. You may place two metal spoons in the baking pan and place the motherboard on the spoons to have some gap between the motherboard and the baking pan.

3. Preheat the conventional oven to 350 F and then put the baking pan in it for 10 minutes. Then stop the oven and open the oven door to let the hot air out. Take out the motherboard when it is not hot, then put it back in your phone and assemble the parts you removed.

4. Now try to turn it on and be surprised.

As a matter of fact, any phone with this moisture related problem can be fixed with this unbelievable solution.

Hope this helped you as it helped me.

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    1. This is really a temporary fix. It works for a while then happens again, and I will have to “cook” it again to make it work. Very annoying, but at least I was able to get all data off the phone. The permanent fix would be getting a new phone.

        1. It really depends on the humidity of the weather. Mine worked for about two weeks, then it happened again and I had to “bake” it again to make it work. After several times, I finally gave up and bought a new phone.

  1. I had the blue blue screen problem two weeks after the replacement of my broken screen in a LG G3 D855.

    It get hot and the battery went down very quick.

    I saw this video


    and realiced that the motherboard didn’t seat perfectly in its place, so the conectors could make a shor circuit.

    putting plastic and paper over de connectors and PROBLEM SOLVED. No blue screen, battery and phone working perfectly.


    1. Good it worked for you. It’s definitely not my case because I have used paper to cover the connectors but it didn’t work. I have got tired of repeating the fix and eventually I replaced the G3 with a G5. I believe it is the only permanent solution. 🙂

      1. Have you tried putting the motherboard in the oven at 350 F for 10 minutes? If yes and still having blue screen, then you will have to get a new phone, unfortunately.

  2. Paul Nieuwland

    This worked for my 30 months old G3. Blue screen, and didn’t boot. Did exactly as others – remove the back, take out the battery, remove the black cover over the motherboard, take out the 12 screws in the motherboard, carefully disconnect it from the phone. I baked it for 10 minutes at 350F, and then just opened the oven door and let is cool for about 20 minutes. Reassemble, and voila, works like a charm. I need five more months out of this phone until the end of my plan, so fingers crossed this works for a little while.

    1. If you are in US and with Sprint, then you can get LG G5 for $15/month or G6 for $19/month with a 2-year installment plan offered by BestBuy, and you might be able to do it now since you only have 5 more months until the end of your current plan.

  3. Tried this and it worked. 10 mins @ 175c degree over. Preheated oven, took out straightaway after 10mins and put straight into the phone case and put all screws back in. Inserted battery, and switched on phone. LG logo appear for about 1-2mins then the phone began upgrading from a previous attempt to factory reset the phone. not go test how long it lasts for yet.

  4. I did this and it did make my phone work again. But every picture, every contact, anything from the past year (except apps) has vanished. Please help, I’m so upset…

    1. Jenna, this trick only helps you to restart your phone, it shouldn’t/won’t delete anything from your phone. Hopefully you have your photos and contacts backed up online, if so then you should be able to get them back; otherwise, I am afraid you have lost them for good.

  5. Many thanks for this information!!! Out of nowhere my phone ate it. I’ve never backed my photos or anything up…dumb, I know! Baking the motherboard according to your instructions completely restored my phone so I could retrieve my 1846 photos and videos!!! So excited!!! I immediately had to go buy a new phone before attempting to do anything crazy, like bake my motherboard, but this information was invaluable to someone like me who was ultimately able to at least save a few years of memories that were trapped in there. Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Rachel, I am glad it worked for you. I have my photos and videos synced with Google Photos so I don’t have worry about losing anything valuable.

  6. I can fix this issue for you, contact us at Athens Cell Phone and Electronics Athens Cell Phone and Electronics. we do mail order repairs and there is a mail order form on our web site. The cost of repair will be around $40 our mailing address is 386 Richland Ave in Athens Ohio 45701

    1. I don’t think it is fixable or worth the trouble to do it. The best “fix” is to buy a new phone. LG G3 is very old anyway. So I would recommend to use the temporary fix to boot up the phone and back up all your valuable data, then buy a new phone and restore your data to the new phone, finally, wipe clean the old phone and trash it (put it under your car to smash it).

  7. Layth Ala\'araji

    This is work for me but by another way 😊 by using heating gun for 2 or three times and fix the problem.

  8. Had the dsks issue with long blue screen on startup. Some sites say to safe mode or factory reset. Do not try the factory reset as it is a hardware, not software problem. Also, after baking the phone it will complete the last action called for, so if you previously tried a reset, it will do that. Baking worked for me. Works fine now.

  9. yeah…..this REALLY worked. I am computer / cell phone challenged and thought that I would have to hit up my Verizon dealer due this blue screen, then “locked” phone, but I followed these directions and yes, it fired right up after I put it all together. Advice ~ pull up a step by step walkthrough on how to take the phone apart. You must disassemble COMPLETELY to get the motherboard out. Also you have to “disconnect” the camera lens and 1 other thing to get the board to come completely out. Don’t bake it with those things attached. I did the 350′ for 10 min & it was perfect. I let it sit out for another 10 min. before reassembling. Good Luck !!

    1. I just cooked my phone and yes it began to charge and looks like it’s starting up. BUT one half of the screen has a white back ground with very fine colored lines running down it. Did I miss something, I wonder?

  10. OK, guys. Here’s what I did… I tried 3 different methods and they each worked for a little but somehow, all 3 are working together.

    Firstly, for those with the [B]wifi / BT issues[/B] and [B]blue screen / loop restart[/B]. I had them all….

    [U]If you have wifi BT issues[/U]

    1: Restart your phone in safe mode (Hold down ‘ON’ and ‘volume down’ until a screen with “SAFE MODE” appears)

    Go into your settings and turn off the BT, turn on the wifi. Then restart the phone. It will automatically restart in the regular mode.

    [U]If you have blue screen / looping restart / flickering[/U]

    1: Bake the motherboard as above

    2: Search for the 4:23 video and follow the steps. “flickering screen lg g3 permanent fix 100%”

    3: Place a small piece of paper over the camera wire

    I did all 3 of these things and it’s working like a charm so far.

  11. Hi brothers! I’m Brazilian, pardon me for bad English. I followed the script, all the steps. And it worked perfectly. I just chose to remove the protective aluminum covers from the plate .. The ones that are docking .. In place I put a thermostatic tape .. After the process montri again in the casing returning the protections of course, and gave another heat with air gun hot .. Already with the components connected now .. Nothing too exaggerated, but to make sure the moisture in my hand did not hurt. Result was perfect. It’s okay so far .. And I hope it continues like this 😀
    obs: it’s been 2 days since then …

  12. I ‘cooked’ my LG G3 just before Thanksgiving. I live in AZ and went to So Calif for NY weekend – the Blue Screen of Deth returned. I am now home and just took it’s motherboard out of the oven…. Hopefully it’ll work again – I know I have to think of a new cell at some point but if this works over and over I will just keep ‘cooking’ it until it is truly gone to it’s grave.

    1. Wow, Ema. Seems you are old school and I admire you. With so many new phones being released every year, not many people can resist the temptation of getting a new phone even when their current phone is still fairly new.

      Just make sure to back up you valuable data periodically because you never know when your G3 will stop working completely. I use SMS Backup & Restore to automatically back up the history of my text messages and phone calls, and I use Google Photo to automatically back up my photos on my phone, so I don’t have to worry about losing data when unexpected things happened.

      1. Jeffrey – Yes, and that I learned the hard way – I thought I’d backed up correctly last year and found everything had evaporated once phone was back on. I use Google for contacts and photos faithfully now.

        As for old school, I am sure there are mountains of disgarded phones people toss for ‘the next one’ and i think that that is not good for our tomorrow. Plus, I love my phone and do not want to spend hundreds of dollars replacing my LG G3.
        This morning my cell turned blue again (after last nights bake) so I put it (motherboard) back in x15 minutes at 350. When I reassembled I added a small square of hard plastic (from bag ties) to sit atop the almost rectangular metal plate left of the Sim and SD card slot and somehow the phone seems to keep cooler since adding that. It’s worked well all day and I hope it continues and continues and… I don’t like the new system of paying monthly for a phone, either. Ugh. They just wanna trap my money! lol
        Thank you so much for your help (this site).

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