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[Review] Is Swagbucks legit and worth the time?

Swagbucks is an online rewards and cash back program that allows users to earn points (called SB) by doing activities such as watching videos, playing games, searching the web, shopping online stores, answering surveys, and so on. Swagbucks is a legitimate business and it is definitely worth your time, and let me show you why.

Disclaimer: Swagbucks is a legitimate business and rewards you with good amount of gift cards or cash, but do not expect you can rely on it as your regular income because the money you earn via Swagbucks will not be enough to support you or your family. 

I have participated in several online rewards programs, such as e-rewards, Microsoft Bing Rewards, Google Opinion Rewards, and mPLUS Rewards, and I can say that Swagbucks has the best payout among all the mentioned programs and it is also fun to participate. (Both Microsoft Bing Rewards and Google Opinion Rewards have excellent return on time investment, but the problem is that Microsoft Bing Rewards has a daily cap of 28 credits which is equivalent to about 28 cents, and Google Opinion Rewards does not guanrantee to have survey available every day, even though its payout is very good.) After you earn enough SB, you can redeem them for different gift cards or cash via PayPal. You can redeem your SB as low as 300 SB, which is equivalent to $3 gift card, so 100 SB = $1. The minimum SB required to redeem for cash via PayPal is 2500 SB, which is equivalent to $25 cash.

Unlike other rewards programs which offer limited ways to earn rewards, Swagbucks has a collection of ways for users to earn rewards and here are some examples:

1. Play Games

There are many games on Swagbucks website that you can choose from, some are free and some are not. For paid games, you earn SB for every dollar you spend. For free games, at the time of writting there are only three free games developed by Swagbucks, you earn 2 SB for each game you play and up to 10SB each day. Those three games are Swag Memory, Swag Jump and Swagasaurus Run, and remember, it does not matter how you play those games (good or bad), you will earn 2 SB for about every 2 or 3 games you play. After you earn 10SB in the free games, you can still play them but you will not get rewarded. I usually play those free games as bad as I can to finish each game and stop playing after I earn 10 SB.


2. Shop and Earn

If you usually shop online, then you can go to Swagbucks’ Shop page, and you will see a lot of online stores listed there with information regarding how many SB you can earn for each dollor you spend in a store. I tried once shopping at Target’s website via Swagbucks and it was simple and easy, and I got my SB rewards after a couple of weeks. Considering 100 SB = $1, the Shop & Earn rate in Swagbucks is pretty high, for example, it is 4 SB per $1 at Walmart.com, which is equivalent 4% cash back, 2 SB per $1 at Target.com (2% cash back), and 7 SB per $1 at Amazon.com (7% cash back).



3. Watch Videos

There are two ways to earn SB by watching videos. The first way is to watch vidoes on Swagbucks website where you can earn 1-3SB for every 5-20 videos you watch, and it is the hard way to earn. The second way is the easy way but with daily limit. You can install Swagbucks video app called SBTV and watch videos on your mobile phone. SBTV rewards you 2 SB for every 6 video watched, so it is much better that watching videos in the web browser, however, you can only earn up to 10 SB via SBTV. The good thing about SBTV is that you can launch SBTV and start the video, and in the mean time you can do other activities on your computer to earn SB because SBTV will automatically play the next video after finishing one.

4. Explore Content

Swagbucks has a page called nCrave where some interesting videos and articles are listed for users to discover and explore and earn SB for doing that. If the content is a list of videos, then after watching a shart video (about 15-30 seconds), you will need to giave feedback by clicking either Like It button or Not for me button and move on to the next video, and you will be rewarded with SB after you finish all videos. If the content is slide shows or articles, then you will need to interact with the content in some way until you finish all content in order to get rewarded. In my opinion, nCrave is the simplest and easiest way to earn lots of SB because you don’t really need to spend much time on the videos or the articles, just remember to click a button or something like that after each video and article, and you can do nCrave even when you are busy with other stuff, such as cooking or doing laundray.


5. Search

Swagbucks is the only rewards program that rewards users for searching the web. You can use the search box on Swagbucks web page to do your regular searches, and Swagbucks will randomly reward you with certain amount of SB for your search. It’s not guanranteed to get SB for every search because it is random. The highest reward I got is 39 SB and the lowest is 5 SB. You can also install Swagbucks Button in your browser (IE, FireFox and Google Chrome only) which will default your search engine to Swagbucks to increase your rewards rate, I believe.


6. Refer and Earn

If you invite friends to join Swagbucks, then you will get 10% of whatever they earn for life. This is pretty cool. If after reading this post you decide to join Swagbucks, I would appreciate if you use my referral link to join: http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/Penguin7858

7. Treasure Hunt

Swagbucks regularly alerts users with Swag Code via different ways. A Swag Code is a special code that will give you samll amount of instant SB (2-4 SB) after being entered in the Swag Code box after you log in. If you install Swagbucks’ mobile version app called Swagbucks Mobile App and enable push notification, you will get an alert whenever a Swag Code is released, and it will also tell you how to find it, for example on Swagbuck site, Swagbucks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, etc., don’t think it is like a treasure hunt?

8. Bonus SB

Swagbucks assign a daily goal for you (ranging from 60 SB to 150 SB) and if you achieve the daily goal, then you will earn bonus SB equal to 10% of your daily goal. If you achieve your daily goal for 7 days in a row, then you earn additional 25 SB. If you achieve your daily goal for 14 days in a row, then you earn additional 100 SB. If you make it 21 days in a row, then you get additional 200 SB; and whole month in a row will earn you additional 300 SB. These additional SB will be available for you to claim the following month.

9. Answer Surveys

The survey in Swagbucks on average takes about 20 minutes and usually rewards you with 75 SB if you qualify for the survey and complete the survey. So if you can do one or two surveys each day, you can easily achieve your daily goal (and the bonus SB). I usually do one or two surveys depending on my schedule, then during the rest of the day I just try to explore nCrave while I am doing something else.

10. Special Event

Sometimes Swagbucks will run some special events in which participants will try to accomplish certain tasks and will be rewarded with bonus SB when the event is finished. For example, in January 2016, a fitness team challenge was released and all participants were randomly assigned to a team. Participants still earn their SB as usual, but each activity they complete will contribute some virtual SB to their team, and all participants in the winner team were rewarded with 300 bonus SB, and all participants in the second place team were rewarded with 100 bonus SB. It is fun and worthwhile.

How much SB can you earn each day? Well, it all depends how much time you spend on it and how you do it. I spend usually one to two hours a day on Swagbucks and I can earn about 200 SB each day, or about 6000 SB each month plus the additional bonus SB, so I would say I can earn about $65 each month.


After reading this post, I hope you are interested in Swagbucks and decide to join to start earning some extra money. If so, please use my referral link and I thank you in advance for doing that.

Happy earning!

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