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Simple ways to make some extra money


If you have a computer, a smartphone, an Internet connection and some free time, then you can use them to make some extra bucks. Here are some ways:

1. Swagbucks

Honestly, when I first heard about Swagbucks, I was suspicious. It has a catchy name but does it really let you earn free gift cards or cash? Could it be another money scam? But finally I decided to give it a try after reading some posts on Reddit. And I am glad that I decided to try it, because it DOES handle out free gift cards, and fast. Here is how it works:

After you register on Swagbucks web site, you can start to earn Swagbucks (SB) by watching videos, answering surveys, voting polls, playing games, and completing special offers. When you earn enough SB, you can redeem them for gift cards or cash (via PayPal),  and every 100 SB = $1 gift card of your choice (sometimes you can discount price for the gift card, such as 85 SB = $1 gift card). I started to use Swagbucks in December 2015, and I have redeemed $12 Amazon gift cards within one month, as you can see in the screenshot below:


Here are some tips you can use to easily earn SB every day.

1). Download and install Swagbucks TV app. You watch videos with this app and earn double SB. For every 5-6 videos you watch, you will be awarded with 2 SB, up to 36 SB every day. And you will have to watch twice amount of videos in browser to earn 2 SB, so use the app.

2). Play Free Swagbucks game online. You actually don’t need to play the game to earn SB. You just need to launch the game and let it finish by itself (no need to play at all), and you will get 2 SB randomly (about 50% chance), so play the same game twice will get you 2 SB, and up to 10 SB every day.

3). Watch videos in nCrave section. You don’t need to watch the video and you can just let the video run by itself, and at the end you will need to click either “Like it” or “Not for me” button to go to the next video. When the video list is finished, you will be awarded with various amount of SB.

As you can see, it is not hard to easily earn about 60 SB, plus if you want to spend a little bit more time on it, you can easily earn 100 SB every day while you are working on your other stuff.

If you are interested and ready to earn some free gift cards and cash, please use my referral link (http://www.swagbucks.com/p/register?rb=17769319) to sign up. I would appreciate it.


2. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an Android app created by Google Consumer Surveys that let users answer surveys to earn Google Play credits.  The surveys are short and only take several minutes to complete, and you will be notified whenever there is a survey available. The credit for each survey is various and can go up to $1.00, and the credit expires in one year.  If you are interested, just click the link above and install the app, then answer some basic questions and you are done.


3. Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards is a program by Microsoft to attract user to use Bing for their search. After joining the Bing Rewards program and use Bing as your search engine, you will earn credits for the searches you do, then you can redeem your credits in various ways, such as airline miles, fuel points, gift cards, sweepstakes, charity donation. At the time of writing, you can earn one credit for every two Bing searches, up to 15 credits for PC search and up to 10 credits for mobile search every day. I like to redeem my credits for airline miles, for example, for 400 credits (385 credits if you reach Gold status), you can redeem for 100 airline miles for major airlines. But if you are interested in gift cards, then you can redeem 525 credits (475 credits for Gold member) for a $5 Amazon.com gift card. With simple math, if you hold Gold status which is very easy to reach, then every 15 days, you will earn enough credits to redeem for 100 airline miles. Or every 20 days, you will earn enough credits for a $5 Amazon.com gift card. It equals to 2400 airline miles per year, or about $90 Amazon.com gift card per year, and for FREE. Not bad.

Click the link above if you are interested and would like to join.


4. mPoints Apps

mPoints is a mobile loyalty program that is included in many mobile apps as a way to reward user for using their apps. Depending on the app, you can earn different amount of mPoints every day for using the app, and you can earn up to 200 mPoints for each app excluding bonus mPoints and up to 1000 total mPoints each day. Then you can redeem your mPoints for sweepstakes, gift cards, or charity donation. My favorite is to redeem my mPoints for Amazon.com gift card. 2,500 mPoints = $1 Amazon.com gift card, 5,000 mPoints = $2 Amazon.com gift card, 12,500 mPoints = $5 Amazon.com gift card, or 25,000 mPoints = $10 Amazon.com gift card.

On an average day, I can spend about 45 minutes on mPoints apps to earn up to 1,500 mPoints (1000 daily limit plus bonus points), so in about ten days I am able to earn enough mPoints to get a $5 Amazon.com gift card. Again, it is FREE.

Do you know some other ways to earn extra money? Please share in the comment below.


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