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Yes, I switched my hosting company again, even though it is always a hassle to migrate to a different hosting providers especially when you need to migrate any production web site.with database backend. This time the reason I had to switch was that the support of Arvixe (my previous hosting company) has become very sluggish which made them think it is time to change to a better company.

After I fed up with HostGator’s Windows hosting plan, I signed up with Arvixe about two years ago during their Black Friday sale which took 50% off any shared hosting plan cost, so I picked a business pro hosting plan. At that time, Arvixe was still trying to grow their customer base so the service they were providing was very professional and timely, and plus their competitive price they attracted many new customers, and as a result their business were blooming. However, as many other hosting companies, when their business has grown, the quality of the service they provide has dropped in a great deal, even though I had been a business account holder (I can only imagine how they treat those personal account holders). So I was thinking since their service for business account is not much different from personal account, I decided to downgrade my hosting to a personal hosting plan and submitted a support ticket asking if it is possible, but I didn’t receive any response from Arvixe until 6 days later, as shown in the following screenshot.

Arvixe Support Ticket

This delay in support response was like a last straw for me to decide to switch to a different hosting company. After some search and investigation, I came across a company called SmarterASP.net which provides 60-day free trial. After trying out their service for about a month, I decided to migrate from Arvixe to SmarterASP.net. And it has been a month since my migration, everything seems to work just fine with a much lower price and good professional support.

If you are in the same situation looking for a new hosting company, I hope you will give SmarterASP.net a try by signing up with their 60-day free trial by using my referral link: http://www.Smarterasp.net/index?r=100432761


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