Users sue Apple for new Wi-Fi Assist feature in iOS9 for a stupid reason



If you have a smartphone with mobile data plan, then you would expect, when in service area, the phone is smart enough to automatically connect to the mobile network so you can do fun stuff such as checking email, watching videos, and so on. Because of this normal expectation, when a Wi-Fi-connected smartphone lost its Wi-Fi connection (or maybe the signal is too weak to connect), it will automatically try to connect to your mobile network (3G, 4G LTE, or whatever your plan is). This connection switch from Wi-Fi to mobile network is a design feature and has been available in Android for a while. The new iOS9 finally (yeah finally) included this feature and named it Wi-Fi Assist which will automatically pick up the mobile network when the Wi-Fi service is not available or the Wi-Fi signal is too weak. Unfortunately, some absurd iPhone users think this feature brings a good opportunity to sue Apple because Wi-Fi Assist failed to notify them when switching from Wi-Fi connection to their cellular network and caused them to exceed their mobile data cap. (I always thought that Apple fans are loyal and ready to defend Apple any time, not to sue Apple, oh how wrong I was.)

I am very confused by their logic and reason. So they want their smart iPhone to stay disconnected when the Wi-Fi connectivity is poor?

Why didn’t they sue their wireless company for failing to notify them of their excessive wireless data usage in advance?  Oh, I know, because Apple has more money!

Let’s all sue Apple for our own stupidity, what do you think?

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