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Users sue Apple for new Wi-Fi Assist feature in iOS9 for a stupid reason

  If you have a smartphone with mobile data plan, then you would expect, when in service area, the phone is smart enough to automatically connect to the mobile network so you can do fun stuff such as checking email, watching videos, and so on. Because of this normal expectation, when a Wi-Fi-connected smartphone lost its Wi-Fi connection (or maybe the signal is too weak to connect), it will automatically try to connect to your mobile network […]

Back to the Future day

If I drive 88 miles per hour today, will I get pulled over for speeding? If I do get pulled over, can I tell the cop that I am trying to go back to the future because the speed of 88 miles per hour is the exact and only speed that Doc Brown figured out based on his scientific research for time travel. Maybe, only maybe, if the cop is a hard-core Back to the […]

[Solved] Cannot have multiple items selected in a DropDownList

If you work on ASP.NET DropDownList, most likely you will encounter a situation when you need to pre-select an item in the DropDownList. You might see people using the following way to do that after the DropDownList is bound: this.ddlSchools.SelectedValue = oSchool.AdminID This works very well if you are sure that the value you assign to the DropDownList actually is one of the DropDownList items, otherwise, you will get an ArgumentOutOfRangeException. So the safe way to […]

Protect your router from being hacked

In the fast few days, you may have heard from some news source that some nice hacker(s) targeted unprotected routers with good intention. After hacking the router to gain access to user’s network, the hacker(s) installed some protective software that will look for spyware and remove it once found. The software can also install important updates on user’s computer and even force the user to update their computer so their computer will be up to […]