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TCP/IP properties on VPN connection not working in Windows 10


I recently upgraded my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 by using Microsoft Media Creation tool and I have to admit that Windows 10 is really better than Windows 8.1, for example the traditional and familiar desktop style, the re-engineered Start button and start menu, and the easy and fast Search feature, etc. However, I did encounter an annoying bug in Windows 10 when I was trying to set up a VPN connection. If you need to change the Gateway or DNS address, then under the Networking tab in the VPN Properties window, you will notice that for either TCP/IPv6 or TCP/IPv4, the Properties button does not respond to open a new window for you to change the settings as shown in the screen shot below:


It turns out that many other users have the same issue as me and currently the workaround is to use Windows PowerShell to manually change the settings that you need to change. You can follow this post for the workaround if you have the same issue. I hope Microsoft will fix this issue soon.

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