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Estimate of time for WordPress Plugin directory surpassing two billion downloads

Jeff Chandler from WorePress Tavern recently reported that WordPress Plugin directory has surpassed one billion downloads since March 2006 and he asked readers to estimate when it will reach two billion downloads. Instead of throwing a wild guess, I decided to do some statistical analysis on the data he provided to get a statistical estimate. Here are the data he provided in his post: March 2006  191,567 2007  2,845,802 2008  15,130,856 2009  49,822,116 2010  72,342,598 2011  […]

TCP/IP properties on VPN connection not working in Windows 10

I recently upgraded my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 by using Microsoft Media Creation tool and I have to admit that Windows 10 is really better than Windows 8.1, for example the traditional and familiar desktop style, the re-engineered Start button and start menu, and the easy and fast Search feature, etc. However, I did encounter an annoying bug in Windows 10 when I was trying to set up a VPN connection. If you need […]