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DIY: Make your own smartphone and tablet cradle

Instead of buying a smartphone and tablet desktop cradle, with some simple office items you can make your own smartphone and tablet cradle with style for FREE (well, almost).

Cradle 1: Simple but ugly

This cradle is extremely simple, but with no style. It is suitable if you just need something to hold your phone on the desktop.

Items needed: two large binder clips and a stack of Post-It

Steps: too simple to explain


As mentioned before, it has no style and is surely ugly. Now let’s add some extra work to beautify it and add some style to it.

Cradle 2: Simple and stylish DIY cradle

Items needed: 2 large binder clips, 1 small binder clip, a piece of cardboard (~3X5, or 4X6, depending on your device size)



1). Take out one leg from each large binder clip, then use a plier to change the shape to the shape shown below.


2). Put the reshaped legs back into the binder clips, then arrange the whole thing as shown below.


Make sure the reshaped legs of the two binder clips are on the top so they can hold the smartphone or tablet. The small binder clip (behind the phone in the photo) and the two large clips will form a triangle so the phone and tablet will not tilt and fall back.

If you have an old CD with no use any more, then you can replace the cardboard with the CD to add some style and beauty to the cradle.


So what do you think?

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