Amazon offers unlimited cloud storage to beat competitors


The cloud storage business has always been a competitive one and now it will get more competitive and even deadly after Amazon released two very cheap cloud storage plans: Unlimited Photos plan and Unlimited Everything plan. The Unlimited Photos plan is priced at $11.99 per year and allows customers to store unlimited photos in their Amazon Cloud Drive. However, if customers are willing to pay $48 more per year, then you can upgrade the Unlimited Photos plan to the Unlimited Everything plan ($59.99 yearly) , which by title means they get to store all files in their Amazon Cloud Drive without storage limit.

If you are an Amazon Prime member as me, then the first plan is not new to you because the plan is already provided as one of the Prime account benefits. This plan is perfect for those photography fans and professional photographers who have tons of high-quality photos which can quickly use up any free cloud storage plan offered by other companies. But for those who have more than photos to back up, then the Unlimited Everything plan is just what they need. Let’s take a look at the storage plans offered by some major companies in this field with cost less than $100 per year, and from the results you will see Amazon’s new cloud storage plan can steal many customers from its competitors:


Free plan: 2GB of space
Paid plan: 1000GB of space for $9.99/month or $99/year


Paid plan 1: 100GB of space for $9.49/month or $74.99/year
Paid plan 2: 250GB of space for $9.99/month or $99.99/year

Google Drive

Free plan: 15GB of space  shared with all Google services
Paid plan 1: 100GB of space for $1.99/month
Paid plan 2: 1000GB of space for $9.99/month

Microsoft OneDrive

Free plan: 15GB of space
Paid plan 1: 100GB of space for $1.99/month
Paid plan 2: 200GB of space for $3.99/month
Paid plan 3: 1000GB of space for $6.99/month

Amazon Cloud Drive

Free plan: 5GB of space
Unlimited Photos: unlimited space for $11.99/year (~$1/month)
Unlimited Everything: unlimited space for $59.99/year (~$5/month)

I am looking forward to seeing the response from other competitors regarding Amazon’s boldly offers. How about you?

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