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Bing Rewards members get 100 GB of OneDrive free storage for two years


If you are a Bing Rewards member, then you can get 100 GB of OneDrive free storage for two years, and the best part is you don’t need to use any credit to redeem this reward. Just log into your Bind Rewards account, then on the Dashboard click “100 GB free” link and then follow the instructions to claim your reward.


If you are not a Bind Rewards member yet, then you can join it for free and start earning credits, which you can use them to redeem cool rewards. So far my favorite rewards is to use credit to redeem airline travel miles, for example, if you are a member with Gold status, then you can redeem 385 credits for 100 miles of your choice airline. For your information, it takes about 2 weeks to earn 385 credits, and it is absolutely free!


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