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Blog spammer uses your curiosity to increase traffic to their site


Recently an obvious spam comment somehow passed through Akismet spam blocker and landed in my moderation queue. The reason I say it is an obvious spam is that it asks if I want to have unlimited articles for my blog by copying content from other websites without being caught. Isn’t it called plagiarism? Or cheating? How can the spammer stupid enough to expect me or other bloggers to approve such stupid comments? But after re-read the comment carefully, I noticed at the end of the comment, it says if you are interested, you can search in Google with some keywords provided (I blurred out the keywords).


Apparently, the spammer knows the spam comment will never get approved, but the spammer hopes that some admin will be curious about the tool mentioned in the comment and then search in Google with the provided search keywords. If admin did the search (well, I didn’t search), I imagine the result would point to the spammer’s site, then the spammer would get what they really want: traffic and potential Google ranking increase.

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