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Resurrection of Windows Live Writer: Open Live Writer

The famous blogging provider recently released a desktop app for customers managing their blogs, and this reminds me an old and discontinued desktop blogging application I used before: Windows Live Writer, so I did some search and happily found that it has come back to life. Windows Live Writer is a desktop application from Microsoft for blog publishing. It was first released in 2007 and then became part of the Windows Live Essential […]

Migrate to another hosting company from Arvixe

Yes, I switched my hosting company again, even though it is always a hassle to migrate to a different hosting providers especially when you need to migrate any production web site.with database backend. This time the reason I had to switch was that the support of Arvixe (my previous hosting company) has become very sluggish which made them think it is time to change to a better company. After I fed up with HostGator’s Windows […]

Facebook down on Friday the 13th

Do you believe the combination of Friday and 13 is bad? Well, today is Friday and the 13th of November, and a BAD thing just happened: Facebook IS DOWN! And millions of people panicked and didn’t know what to do. Their productivity has dropped tremendously. The only explanation that Facebook gave us is “Sorry, something went wrong.” No Facebook, it is not that simple, I think the end of the world is coming! Please don’t […]

Google Maps offline feature may replace GPS devices

Google recently updated Google Maps with a new exciting feature that might eventually make the traditional GPS navigation devices history. This new feature allows user to download a map of an area on their phone, whenever the user is in the area with no connectivity, Google Maps will continue to work including turn-by-turn directions, and I think this is so cool. Currently whenever I am on the road to another city, I will have my Garmin […]

Microsoft OneDrive storage plans change drives users to competitors

On November 2nd, 2015, Microsoft OneDrive suddenly announced they will soon discontinue Office 365 unlimited storage plan and also reduce the free storage plan from 15 GB down to 5 GB. It is not surprising that this announcement is not welcome and there are thousands of users (and counting) are expressing their disappointment and frustration on OneDrive’s official blog where this absurd decision was posted. Here are the irritating changes: We’re no longer planning to offer unlimited […]

Users sue Apple for new Wi-Fi Assist feature in iOS9 for a stupid reason

  If you have a smartphone with mobile data plan, then you would expect, when in service area, the phone is smart enough to automatically connect to the mobile network so you can do fun stuff such as checking email, watching videos, and so on. Because of this normal expectation, when a Wi-Fi-connected smartphone lost its Wi-Fi connection (or maybe the signal is too weak to connect), it will automatically try to connect to your mobile network […]

Back to the Future day

If I drive 88 miles per hour today, will I get pulled over for speeding? If I do get pulled over, can I tell the cop that I am trying to go back to the future because the speed of 88 miles per hour is the exact and only speed that Doc Brown figured out based on his scientific research for time travel. Maybe, only maybe, if the cop is a hard-core Back to the […]

[Solved] Cannot have multiple items selected in a DropDownList

If you work on ASP.NET DropDownList, most likely you will encounter a situation when you need to pre-select an item in the DropDownList. You might see people using the following way to do that after the DropDownList is bound: this.ddlSchools.SelectedValue = oSchool.AdminID This works very well if you are sure that the value you assign to the DropDownList actually is one of the DropDownList items, otherwise, you will get an ArgumentOutOfRangeException. So the safe way to […]

Protect your router from being hacked

In the fast few days, you may have heard from some news source that some nice hacker(s) targeted unprotected routers with good intention. After hacking the router to gain access to user’s network, the hacker(s) installed some protective software that will look for spyware and remove it once found. The software can also install important updates on user’s computer and even force the user to update their computer so their computer will be up to […]

KB3087040 Windows Update fails with error 0x80004005 on Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 and have tried to run Windows Update to keep your Windows system secure, then you might encounter this Windows Update error regarding a new KB3087040, which was released on September 21, 2005: It is very strange for such a high priority security fix, Microsoft didn’t seem to fully test it before rolling it out. By the time of writing this post, the issue with the automatic Windows Update still […]