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How to downgrade Windows 8.1 administrator account to standard account

When you initially set up your new Windows computer, the first user you created will be an administrator account by default, this design can greatly ease the process of setting up your computer because you don’t have to enter administrator password every time you install software. However, once the setup is finished, it is not recommended to continue to log on your computer with this administrator account because it gives malicious program (virus, spyware, etc) opportunity to […]

Two simple tips to enhance Windows security

Why Do I Write This Post? Two recent incidents compelled me to write this post: 1. Last week, my son was doing his school project on the computer I agreed to let him use two years ago and asked me “How come I get this advertisement pop-up on every page I visit?” Does this sound familiar to you? Yes, it means most likely there is some kind of spyware in the computer. After a quick investigation, I […]