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Useful programs and tools in Ubuntu

Recently I started to work on some research projects, and if you are familiar with academic research, then you will know that Linux, especially Ubuntu is very popular. So I have to start using Ubuntu and I have to say it is quite challenging to make the switch for a long time Windows user. Here I would like to share my experience and I hope it can help some other people who are deciding if switching to Ubuntu is a good choice.

The installation of Ubuntu is very easy and I don’t think many people will trouble with it. It is the daily use of Ubuntu that is challenging and it is the lack of knowledge of available Ubuntu programs and tools that make it so tempting to switch back to familiar Windows.

I will keep track the programs and tools that I find useful in Ubuntu, and will share them here.

1. htop

By looking at the name, it is impossible to figure out what the program is (many Linux/Ubuntu programs and tools have the same naming issue). It is a program that allow you to monitor the processes running on your system with detailed information such as CPU usage, memory usage, etc.

To install it on Ubuntu, you can either launch Ubuntu Software Center and search htop, then click Install to install it


Or you can use Ubuntu command line to install it by running this command

 sudo apt-get install htop

After the installation, you can launch it from the command line with this command:


Then you will see something like this:

To be continued……

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