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Sprint new CEO promises to cut price and improve network

You probably already heard that Sprint’s new CEO Marcelo Claure has three priorities to turn the company back on the right track: cut prices, improve the cellular network, and reduce the operation cost. To me, the first two should be done at the same time. I have been with Sprint since 2011 the then unlimited family plan (it is a grandfather plan now because Sprint has discontinued the plan) because my family is heavy on […]

Use Google Keep to help you in grocery store

Have you had the experience that when you were in a grocery store and realized you forgot to bring your shopping list with you? Well I had that experience many times, and that is why I am now using Google Keep to help me out whenever I go shopping. Google Keep is a notepad app developed by Google and it supports notes in audio, video, text format. All notes are stored on Google Drive and […]