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Amazon pays prime members to use slow shipping

Amazon released a new shipping option for Prime members called FREE No-Rush Shipping, which will automatically give the member $1 Amazon Instant Video credit if the member selects this shipping option instead of the FREE Two-Day Shipping. The credit is valid for 30 days after it is added to the member’s account. This is Amazon’s new approach to cover its shipping cost besides the last Prime membership cost increase. If you are a Prime member, […]

VirtualBox with 64-bit OS only supports 32-bit guest OS

Recently I was trying to install an Ubuntu Server in VirtualBox, and I noticed that my host Windows OS is 64-bit, but VirtualBox does not have options for 64-bit guest OS in the Create Virtual Machine interface. My first thought was I need to install 64-bit VirtualBox, but I was wrong. There is only one version of VirtualBox for both 32-bit and 64-bit host PC. After some digging around, I realized that in order for VirtualBox […]