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Think again the price you pay when you order pizza online

Convenience always comes with a price, and this is also true when you order your pizza online. I am not talking about the price you pay for your pizza; I am talking about the security you may sacrifice when you enjoy the convenience brought by the east online order service from any pizza store.

Recently hackers claim that they have grabbed the passwords of about 65k customers from Domino’s Pizza in France and Belgium, and asked Domino’s Pizza to pay some ransom and will publish the the stolen passwords otherwise.

I use phone to order pizza. A regular phone, not a┬ásmart phone with some pizza order app installed. I pick up my order myself, not because I don’t want to pay the delivery driver tips, but because I don’t want to tell the store where I live. However, when you order your pizza online (or use the order app on your smart phone), you will have to create an account, then specify your address before you can place your order, even it is a carry-out order. You probably think I am paranoid, but when it comes to online security, I would rather be paranoid than sorry. There is no such thing as too careful about online security.

If you still want to use the online pizza order service, then make sure you use a strong and secure password to create the account. Also make sure your password is different from the passwords of your online banking accounts, credit card accounts, and any other important accounts.

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