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Ubuntu One becomes Ubuntu None

Two months after the initial announcement of shutting down Ubuntu One file syn service by Canonical, the Ubuntu One team sent out the second notice, maybe the last notice, to remind all Ubuntu One users to migrate their valuable data from Ubuntu One server to somewhere else by July 31st, 2014, which is the official last day of the Ubuntu One service. As previously announced, the file services for Ubuntu One have been discontinued. Your data […]

Think again the price you pay when you order pizza online

Convenience always comes with a price, and this is also true when you order your pizza online. I am not talking about the price you pay for your pizza; I am talking about the security you may sacrifice when you enjoy the convenience brought by the east online order service from any pizza store. Recently hackers claim that they have grabbed the passwords of about 65k customers from Domino’s Pizza in France and Belgium, and […]

HTC One releases software update

HTC One released software update and this update contains some good enhancements besides bug fixes. Here are some highlights of the update: Color coded theme. Finally there is some color, not just the dull black theme everywhere. A new Extreme Power Saving mode is added. You can manually turn the mode on, or configure it to turn on when battery level reaches a certain percentage you have specified: 5%, 10%, or 20%. When phone is in […]

Input string was not in a correct format error when clicking ImageButton in IE 10 or higher

First of all, this is not a new issue. If you have an old .NET web form, especially prior to .NET 4.5, with an ImageButton in a UpdatePanel, then when you click on the ImageButton in IE 10 or higher browser, then you will encounter an error: The input string was not in a correct format Without going into the details of the root cause, I will just list the fixes here: Fix 1: Simply upgrade […]

Android 4.4.3 update available to Google Nexus devices

One of the reasons that I decided to buy Google Nexus 10 instead of Sumsang Galaxy Tab last year was that I would get the Android update much faster on Google Nexus 10 than on Sumsang Galaxy Tab whenever there is new Android updates available, and the recent Android 4.4.3 update proved once again that I made a right choice. Yesterday afternoon when I turned on my Google Nexus 10, I noticed that Android 4.4.3 […]

Google simplifies email encryption

Google is working on a Chrome extension called End-To-End which can help encrypt, decrypt, digital sign, and verify signed email messages within the browser, according to a post on Google Online Security Blog. The demand of encrypting emails has increased because more and more people want to keep snoops from reading their emails. Currently, if you would like to send encrypted email messages to someone, you will have to be tech savvy enough to accomplish the task, and […]