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DropBox Mailbox App? No thank you

DropBox Management: “Guys, we have a serious problem.”

DropBox Developer: “…”

DropBox Management: “We all know that the competition in cloud storage is bloody. And the evil Google Drive just dropped their prices so low that we cannot possibly match them, and many of our customers left for Google Drive. We must do something to keep our customers and hopefully to get some old customers back.”

DropBox Developer: “Hmmm, there is really nothing new to develop. But what we can do is to change the UI, and maybe release an Android version of the MailBox app which we acquired two years ago.”

DropBox Management: “MailBox app for Android? Hmm, good idea. Let’s do it!”

DropBox Developer: “But there is one problem with MailBox. It only supports GMail and iCloud accounts.”

DropBox Management: “We will deal with it later. We need to release the MailBox app now.”

Ladies and gentlemen, here comes the redesigned MailBox for OSX, iPhone, iPad, and Android!

*: The above conversation is fabricated. And it would be coincidental if the conversation depicted the true story.


I don’t use DropBox because I haven’t seen any feature that Google Drive misses (the Linux client is not a feature to me). Likewise, I don’t think I will use MailBox because GMail does everything I need, and being able to swiping my screen to manage emails is not convincing enough for me. So “no thank you” to DropBox MailBox.

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