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Google steps in, customers benefit

Every time Google steps in an area, customers benefit from the competition Google brings in. Here are some examples:

1. Internet Search

I don’t know what to say if you don’t agree with me on this.

2. Email

Remember before GMail was introduced, we had to be careful about our mailbox quota? GMail’s “2 GB and counting” size of mailbox forced other email providers to give their customers more mailbox space. Thanks to Google, we don’t have to worry about the size of our email account.

3. Web-based Productivity Tools

The introduction of the free Google Document, Google Spreadsheet, Google Presentation, and etc forced Microsoft to improve their web-based office suite, and now you can use Microsoft Office Online for free.

4. Smartphone

Android smartphone is the biggest competitor of Apple iPhone, and is also more affordable than iPhone.

5. Cloud Storage

Google Drive recently cut the price for their paid services, and increased the size limit of file to be transferred. This has given much pressure on other cloud storage providers, and MediaFire’s recent promotion is the result of the competition brought by Google.

6. Cloud Computing

Recently, Google announced massive price cuts for its various cloud computing services. Days after, Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure all responded with price cuts on their cloud computing services.

Of course there are more examples, but I hope you get my point. I like to hear what you think.

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