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Microsoft, Adobe, and AOL makes security headline today

The security headline today consists three major companies: 1.  Microsoft warns IE users of an Internet Explorer zero-day bug 2.  Adobe releases a security patch for Adobe Flash Player 3.  AOL investigates a security breach on their network and has determined that “there was unauthorized access to information regarding a significant number of user accounts”. It is truly an eventful Monday today.

Heartbleed bug reveals quality assurance problem with open source software

Open source software is built on the principle that the source code of the software is available publicly and the developers involved in the software are volunteers and build the software out of love and passion. A claimed advantage of open source software is its high security because the publicly available source code enables developers to discover and fix potential security bugs quickly. But the recent Heartbleed bug showed that it is not always the […]

DropBox Mailbox App? No thank you

DropBox Management: “Guys, we have a serious problem.” DropBox Developer: “…” DropBox Management: “We all know that the competition in cloud storage is bloody. And the evil Google Drive just dropped their prices so low that we cannot possibly match them, and many of our customers left for Google Drive. We must do something to keep our customers and hopefully to get some old customers back.” DropBox Developer: “Hmmm, there is really nothing new to […]

Google steps in, customers benefit

Every time Google steps in an area, customers benefit from the competition Google brings in. Here are some examples: 1. Internet Search I don’t know what to say if you don’t agree with me on this. 2. Email Remember before GMail was introduced, we had to be careful about our mailbox quota? GMail’s “2 GB and counting” size of mailbox forced other email providers to give their customers more mailbox space. Thanks to Google, we […]

Google AdSense tracks extraterrestrial visits to your site

Google AdSense now can track the visitors beyond the earth. After you login to your AdSense account, you will be able to see how many visits to your site are from the other planets and how much revenue those visits have generated. Unfortunately, my blog site is not that popular, so it didn’t attract many extraterrestrial visits, thus didn’t generate any revenue. How about your site?