Small things make big difference in user experience

I enjoy using my new HTC One phone, but also notice there are some small things that are missing but can otherwise make big difference in user experience. Here is the list:

1. Quick unlocks a PIN-protected phone. If a correct PIN is entered, then the phone should be unlocked automatically without having user to poke the Enter key.

2. Displays battery percentage in notification bar. Although there are many Android apps can display the battery percentage, it would be nice this feature is out of box without any third-party apps.

3. Requires password to install apps, even free apps. You can set your Android phone to require PIN for purchasing apps, but it does not require PIN or password for installing free apps. It would be nice to be able to have this feature, so my 6-year-old will not be able to install any free apps she wants without my knowledge.

I have only used my Android phone for one week and I will update this post when I find out more small things that can streamline Android user experience in my opinion.

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