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Switch to HostGator, again and permanent

Yeah, you read it right. I switched my hosting company from Arvixe back to HostGator after two years away from HostGator. Here is the history of my hosting company experience:

First hosting company: IXWebHosting

Reasons of leaving:

  • All Windows web servers were running IIS 6 while other hosting companies were offering IIS 7 when I left.
  • PHP mail() function was disabled so my blog didn't notify me of new comments

Second hosting company: HostGator

Reason of leaving:

  • The hosting price is higher than most competitors
  • No Windows hosting plan available at that time (later on, they did offer Windows hosting, but I thought it was too expensive comparing to other major competitors).

Third hosting company: Arvixe

Reasons of leaving:

  • Poor customer service experience: slow on-line chat response, technical issues not being solved in timely manner.
  • No pro-rated refund if you cancel your service early. Be careful about this if you want to sign up with Arvixe. You have 60 days guaranteed money back. After 60 days, if you decide to cancel your plan, you will NOT get a refund for the unused service. I am currently still having a Windows hosting account with Arvixe because I pre-paid two years of service and I still have one year left. If I cancel my service now, I will not get any refund. Once my service term ends, I will definitely ditch Arvixe and switch to my current hosting company as below.

Current hosting company: HostGator

I come back to HostGator because after several years of experience, I realized that the quality of the service and the technical support is very important and crucial to my business. “You get what you pay for” might be a cliché, but it is so true in the hosting business, only I learned the lesson the hard way. If you are looking for a good hosting company, I would suggest you to choose HostGator.

If you decide to go with HostGator and you think my experience is helpful, I would appreciate if you sign up with HostGator by using my referral link as below, which will give you 25% off your hosting plan cost if you enter the coupon code “CodingBeaver” (instead of the current official 20% discount), and HostGator will also give me a small amount of money because of the referral.


Thanks advance!

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