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Game company pays players to watch commercials

Game companies usually face three difficulties: How to attract new players How to retain the current players How to generate enough revenue For game companies with free games, the third one is very challenging because the revenue is generated mainly from players’ in-game purchases, so developers must constantly develop new features and new gears hoping that players will purchase them. Recently, TinyCo, a mobile game company with several free games, started a new way hoping […]

Add winter touch to your web site

Since it is December and I am in the northern part, I figure it is time to add a little winter touch to my web site, so I added some snow flakes flying down on my web site. Have you noticed it (well, the snow only comes in December, and keep reading to find out why)? If you want to know how to do it on your web site, here is how. 1. Go to […]