Kingston DataTraveler 109 review thumb-down

First of all, if you are looking for buying a USB drive, then stay away from Kingston’s DataTraveler 109 model. Don’t be fooled by its compact, simple, and light-weight design as I was. As you can see from the picture below of this model, it really looks like a good drive and will not take much space on your key chain.


However, the problem is that the USB drive is made of two plastic pieces and as a result, it is very weak. I bought one of this model about 6 months ago and put it on my key chain, but now the drive became this:



Fortunately, the USB drive is still under the one year warranty. After contacting the Kingston support department, they are gracious enough to agree to replace my broken USB drive with a more solid one: Kingston DataTraveler SE9:


Yes, it is the same dimension of the broken one, but is made of one solid piece of metal. I have been using it for several days, and I highly recommend it.

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