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CSI Miami web page messed up

I am a big fan of CSI: Miami show from CBS and will watch the show on-line if I miss an episode. This morning when I opened their web site to see if the latest episode has been uploaded, to my surprise, I found that CSI: Miami show’s web site was messed up with The Good Wife show’s web site. Take a look the screen shot below: When I clicked Watch Now button, I was […]

SugarSync vs DropBox vs SpiderOak, which should I choose?

I wrote a post in April regarding the pros and cons of several cloud storage/backup service providers based on my experience, such as Windows Live Mesh, DropBox, Memopal, SpiderOak, and SugarSync, and I concluded that SugarSync is better than the others. Then you may ask what is the purpose of this post? Well, it seems that many people are not happy with SugarSync because it does not have a native Linux client, so those people, […]