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More free bonus from SugarSync cloud service

If you already use SugarSync, then you know that after you sign up an account (either Free or Paid account), if you finish five tasks under Getting Started tab in your account, then you will get 125 MB bonus storage. If you think 125 MB bonus is not good enough, then here is the good news. Started June 6th, SugarSync lets you earn 125 MB bonus for each task you finish, so the total bonus will be 625 MB when you finish all five tasks.

SugarSync bonus storage


What about those who already finished the five tasks before the change? The good news is they are eligible too! If you already finished the tasks before, then just log back into your account, and you will be prompted for this bonus. All you need to do is to accept the bonus, and you don’t need to do the tasks again. How nice. For more information for this new bonus, check this post: http://www.sugarsync.com/blog/2011/07/06/free-storage-come-and-get-it/


If you haven’t used SugarSync, or you haven’t heard of SugarSync, SugarSync is a secure online backup and file synchronization service. You can back up your important files on SugarSync cloud storage and also synchronize them with your other devices, such as computer and smart phone. For more information about SugarSync and other similar services, you can read my blog post

If you decide to use SugarSync, you can use this referral link to sign up. With this link you will get 500 MB bonus storage when you complete the registration. So your total bonus storage will be 500 MB + 625 MB (if you finish the five tasks) = 1125 MB!

Sign up with this referral link to get 500 MB bonus:


And I will get 500 MB bonus if you sign up using the above link. Thank you in advance.

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