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Drop Dropbox and pick up SugarSync

IMPORTANT UPDATES I just found out that Windows Live Mesh does NOT encrypt user files stored on their server, here is the original blog post talking about how the original Live Mesh was designed and implemented three years ago:, and to my disappointment, three years later, Windows Live Mesh still has not implemented data encryption to protect user files. Here is the question I asked and the answer I got from Widnows Live Help […]

DropBox on fire

DropBox has been in the spotlight since they silently changed their terms of service (TOS). The updated TOS basically says, to be compliant with the US law, they would give customer’s file (after decrypting it) to the government when requested legally. This change seems to be very reasonable, because companies like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, etc. would do the same thing, but the real problem lies in the boldest claim they have on their web site: […]

Speed up transferring domain registration away from GoDaddy

Last week I finally decided to transfer this domain away from GoDaddy to a different registrar. I thought the process should be smooth and painless, but it turned out not. My site suffered several days of down time, as a result, lost a lot of traffic. Here are some experiences I would like to share with you: 1. My domain was not hosted by GoDaddy, and I changed the DNS nameservers before the transfer is […]

US map with hotspot for each state

I was working on a project last week and I needed a US map with hotspot for each state, when user clicks on a state in the map, the web displays information related to the selected state. I searched the Internet but could not find anything, so I decided to create my own US map with hotspot for each state. Things needed: A US map picture with state names Macromedia Dreamweaver MX (I only have […]