IE 9 final version available today

Internet Explorer 9 will be available for download today starting at 9pm PST.

IE 9 Available on March 14, 2011

According to the report of NSS Labs, Internet Explorer outperformed other web browsers in protecting user from the socially-engineered malware attack, where IE 9 (beta) blocked 90% of the live threats and IE 8 blocked 80% of the live threats.



Although those numbers are very impressive, I found this report is pro-IE.

Firstly, the report tested IE 9 beta version, but it didn’t test any beta version of the other browsers,why?

Secondly, those web browsers use different security models to protect their users, right? A threat to a browser is not necessarily a threat to another browser.

I would like to hear your opinion on the IE 9 and the said security report.

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