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What is content farm web site?

Started last week, I noticed that the traffic to my site suddenly increased,  and at the same time, the number of spam comments increased as well. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to this increase and thought it may just be a intermittent thing, until when I came across to some articles(this one and this one) from www.digitaltrends.com and realized that Google just updated their search algorithm to weed out those content farm web sites, which might be the reason of the increased traffic to my site. But what is content farm web site? This is my first time to hear this term, so I started reading Google’s official blog and learned a lot of useful information.

Content farm web sites basically are those whose contents are copied from other authoritative web sites, or contents are pure spam, for instance, clicking a link will open an irrelevant webpage, etc. Google calls them “shallow or low-quality” web sites and launched a big algorithm update targeting on reducing the rankings for those content farm web sites so that those high-quality and original web sites will get a better ranking. So if you noticed the traffic to your site has dropped, or your Google search ranking has reduced, then you should double-check your web site to make sure it is complaint to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. If your site’s traffic has increased as mine has since Google’s algorithm improvement, then enjoy the good news and keep up your good work.

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9 years ago

Theres is no fooling with Google.  It is very important to keep a website updated with original and fresh written content on a regular basis. There are many sites out there that are nothing more than so called pushy advertising sites, ad windows popping up every where, flashing banners and little or no valuable content to the site itself.  It can be very annoying when stumbling upon one of these sites.  As for content farm sites I would assume this would be the same copied material found on numerous websites and blogs.  I’ve seen this many times also only to realize it a waste… Read more »

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