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Some features I like in IE 9

1. Speed and Performance With its own JavaScript engine Chakra, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 released this week has better SunSpider JavaScript test score than any other web browsers, such as Google Chrome 10, FireFox 3.6 (and FireFox 4.0 RC), Safari 5.0, and Opera 11. The new JavaScript engine is also able to access the computer’s graphics card processor to speed up the performance, especially for 3D graphic and video (this is so called hardware acceleration […]

IE 9 final version available today

Internet Explorer 9 will be available for download today starting at 9pm PST. According to the report of NSS Labs, Internet Explorer outperformed other web browsers in protecting user from the socially-engineered malware attack, where IE 9 (beta) blocked 90% of the live threats and IE 8 blocked 80% of the live threats.   Although those numbers are very impressive, I found this report is pro-IE. Firstly, the report tested IE 9 beta version, but […]

Microsoft finally joined to get rid of Internet Explorer 6

Microsoft finally decided to join the world to get rid of the 10-year-old Internet Browser 6, but only this time it launched its own campaign site called The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown (, and the purpose is to reduce the market share of IE6 from the current 12% (as in Feb 2011) to 1%. I happily joined the campaign. If you visit my blog with IE6, then you will see this image at the top […]

What is content farm web site?

Started last week, I noticed that the traffic to my site suddenly increased,  and at the same time, the number of spam comments increased as well. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to this increase and thought it may just be a intermittent thing, until when I came across to some articles(this one and this one) from and realized that Google just updated their search algorithm to weed out those content farm web […]

Windows Live Mesh connects 5 million devices, but still missing a “old” feature

Last August, Microsoft combined Windows Live Sync and Live Mesh beta into one with the official name “Windows Live Mesh”, and also make it as part of Windows Live Essentials. This new service uses 5 GB of SkyDrive’s 25 GB storage as the online synchronization storage (it is called SkyDrive Synced Storage), the storage is very generous, I have to say, comparing to other major cloud storage service providers who usually provide 2 GB of […]