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WordPress 3.1 available now released the long-awaited WordPress 3.1 with a lot of new features. Anyone using WordPress for their blog should upgrade their system to this new release. Here is the news:

Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate available now

Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate was rolled out on Valentine’s day, a gift of love to IE fans, or just a coincidence? Anyway, if you have been testing IE 9 beta, you should be notified to upgrade to RC through Windows Update according to IE Team blog. If you are not a beta user and you are interested in trying IE 9 RC, you can download it from Microsoft’s web site. Eventually, IE 9 will […]

Fed up with Godaddy and switching to

I have been using Godaddy for my domain registration for almost 7 years, but now I am getting fed up with their crappy commercials especially the .CO Girl commercial and the 2010 Super Bowl commercial, why does the domain registration have ANYTHING to do with the female figure and lust? So, I am in the process of transferring my domains to, a web hosting company and also a new domain registration company. They launched […]

How to use ReportViewer to create addressing label

This step by step tutorial will show you how to use .NET ReportViewer to create addressing labels, such as Avery addressing labels. I hope this tutorial will help someone who has the same problem as me. Prerequisite: You have the correct data retrieved from database. I will not spend time on how to get your data from your database. This tutorial uses addressing label with size of 1” X 2-5/8”, three columns, 30 labels per […]