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Facebook’s Sponsored Stories is a bad idea

Facebook’s new so-called feature “Sponsored Stories” is a very bad idea, it enables Facebook to turn your clicks into some companies’ ads with your name and profile photo in the ads, and the worst part is you don’t have the option to stop it, like it or not. This bad feature makes me wonder if Facebook is facing some serious finance problems making them so desperate that they start taking more advantage of Facebook users […]

Cannot access TightVNC web site from Windows 7

I am having a very weird situation now and I hope someone can shed some light. I cannot access the web site from my Windows 7 PC. First, I thought there is something wrong with my own PC, so I asked my co-worker to give it try, but he could not access the web site either from his Windows 7 PC. Then, I thought maybe my company blocks this web site because TightVNC is […]