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Getting more space for Microsoft Office Live Workspace

Good news for Microsoft Office Live Workspace users! Microsoft Office Live Workspace account will be upgraded to Windows Live SkyDrive very soon, which means it will become a part of Windows Live SkyDrive and as a result user’s space will be increased to 25GB SkyDrive from the current 5GB Workspace.

The upgrade will be automatic and all your Workspace files will be moved to your SkyDrive automatically. The upgrade plan consists of two phases, during the first phase, all Live Workspace users will be notified via email to upgrade their accounts. User will be invited to click a button within Live Wordspace account to start the automated process. Eventually, users who didn’t upgrade their accounts during the first phase will be moved automatically to Live SkyDrive.

I am glad that Microsoft started some merging process for various Live services. I hope someday Live Mesh service will be integrated to SkyDrive too.

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