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Microsoft Update works but Windows Update not in Vista

I hope someone can help me get this Windows Update problem in Vista fixed: Error(s) found: Code 80072EFD. I have tried this Microsoft Help & How-to (Windows Update error 80072efd), and also tried all methods in this Microsoft Knowledge Base article, and neither helped. The interesting thing is that Microsoft Update works perfectly.   My computer is running Vista 64-bit version and is on a domain, and I am thinking maybe something wrong with the […]

Vista cannot delete printer

I don’t understand why it is so hard to delete a printer in Vista. Start->Control Panel->Hardware and Sound->Printers, then right-click the printer that needs to be deleted, and choose “Delete”. Nothing happens except the printers shows “Deleting”, no error message, printer icon still there. I thought maybe I need to run as administrator, so I right-clicked the printer icon, and choose “Run as administrator”->”Delete”, still no luck. Finally, I had to do these to get […]