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Firefox 3.7 pre-release 4 still not pass Acid3 test, but getting close

As shown in my last post, Firefox 3.6.2 didn’t pass the Acid3 Test with a score 94/100, 6 points away from passing the test. Today, I downloaded Firefox 3.7 Pre-release 4 and ran the Acid3 Test again to see if the new Firefox will do better. The result showed that Firefox 3.7 Pre-release 4 did do a better job than Firefox 3.6.2, but unfortunately it still didn’t pass the test, having a score of 96/100.

Firefox 3.6.2 Acid3 Test Result


Firefox 3.7 Pre-release 4 Acid3 Test Result


Test details:

Failed 4 of 100 tests.
Test 26 passed, but took 1185ms (less than 30fps)
Test 40 passed, but took 42ms (less than 30fps)
Test 46 passed, but took 34ms (less than 30fps)
Test 71 failed: expected '1' but got '2' - wrong number of children in HEAD (first test)
Test 77 failed: expected '4776' but got '5560' - getComputedTextLength failed.
Test 78 failed: expected '90' but got '0' - getRotationOfChar(0) failed.
Test 79 failed: expected '34' but got '33' - SVGSVGTextElement.getNumberOfChars() incorrect
Total elapsed time: 3.67s
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