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Visual Studio 2005 error: ‘asp:UpdatePanel could not be set on property ‘ContentTemplate’

I suddenly got this error when I was working on a project in Visual Studio 2005 and trying to switch to the Designer view of a page: ‘asp:UpdatePanel’ could not be set on property ‘ContentTemplate’ The application rebuilds fine and even runs fine, but I just cannot switch to the Designer view. Here is what I did to solve the problem after some search: 1. Exit Visual Studio 2005 2. Go to Administrative Tools –>Services, […]

Display confirmation from code behind before continuing a process in ASP.NET (part one)

I noticed that many developers asked this question or similar: After a user clicks a button on a page, my application performs some check, then prompts user for confirmation, then based on user’s response, my application will either continue the process or cancel the process. How can I accomplish this? I wrote an article on regarding this question and here is the link to it: Display confirmation from code behind before continuing a process […]

FireFox 3.6 release candidate available

FireFox 3.6 Release Candidate is available for download now. If you are using FireFox 3.6 beta version, the update is automatic. The release candidate may update itself periodically and eventually be updated to the final version of FireFox 3.6.

How to remove PDF file’s print protection

If you have a PDF file with print protection, you will not be able to print it. To remove the print protection, you will have to know the protection password and then open the file with Acrobat Professional to make it printable. Here I show you an easy way to remove PDF file’s print protection. First, you will need a Linux system. I would suggest you to use Ubuntu. If you don’t have one and […]

How to build a multiple select DropDownList in ASP.NET

In this article, I will show you how to use AJAX PopupControlExtender to build a multiple select DropDownList as this: Firstly, we need an image captured from a standard drop down list as this:   I will use this image as the drop down list instead of the built-in ASP:DropDownList control, the reason is that when a drop down list is clicked, its own selections will be displayed and will overlap with the check box […]

Use Wine and Mono to survive Ubuntu

The biggest challenge/frustration you will encounter after migrating to Ubuntu from Windows is that many of your beloved Windows applications do not have corresponding Ubuntu versions, which means you cannot install them on Ubuntu system. It caused many people to go back to Windows because of this frustration. This post is to help you to reduce the frustration and hopefully you may eventually survive Ubuntu. First, there are two important applications you must have in […]