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The most biased review on Ubuntu

First of all, I consider myself far from a Linux fanboy, and I myself have many frustrations with Ubuntu too, but I would not make unprofessional reviews as Andrew Thomas did.

As a technical writer of TG Daily, Andrew Thomas recently wrote two most biased reviews I’ve ever read on Ubuntu 9.10 RC: here and here. As a matter of fact, the article titled “Ubuntu is still rubbish” is rubbish itself. It is absolutely stupid that when trying a RC version, you taunt the bug you find and then jump to the conclusion that the system is rubbish. If he is a professional technical writer, he should know that a RC version is not the final stable version, hence it may have bugs, that is why when you download a RC, you get a warning. So why don’t you try a stable release of Ubuntu and then write a more professional review on it?

After reading some more articles on TG Daily, I got the impression that the web site itself is a pro-Windows web site. They talk a lot of good things about Windows and Windows apps (that is why this article can be published, does it look like written by a professional technical writer to you?), but taunts about other non-Windows systems. The benefit of doing this is that Windows fans will be attracted to visit their site and non-Windows users will be ticked off by their offensive and unprofessional articles and then visit their site for comments, no matter what, the traffic to their site is increased and they get more revenue. I hate this kind of web sites, so I will never visit TG Daily or read any articles from TG Daily, until they stop the Windows-only nonsense and hire some really professional technical writers to write insights based on facts, not on naive opinions.

P.S. I wish I could copy and paste the original articles here so you don’t have to visit their web site to read them, but due to the copyright, I can’t do that. But they are rubbish anyway.

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