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Ubuntu 9.10 beta released and Ubuntu 10.04 code name announced

Today, the beta version of Ubuntu 9.10 will be released to public, and then at the end of this month the final version will be officially released. About one week ago, in a recorded video for UbuCon 2009, Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of the Ubuntu project announced the code name of the next version of Ubuntu: Lucid Lynx. It will be a LTS (Long Term Support) release and will focus on speed, stability, quality, and […]

Free Anti-Virus software from Microsoft: Security Essentials

Security Essentials is a free antivirus, anti-spyware product from Microsoft, a public beta version was released in June 2009 for a limited number of downloads, and now the beta test is finished and the final version of Security Essentials should be available at any time, according to the email that was sent to all beta users: Dear Beta User, Thank you for participating in the Microsoft® Security Essentials Beta. Your participation has been instrumental to […]

How to fix System.Data.OracleClient BadImageFormatException error

[UPDATE]: The fix in this post may not work on Windows Vista/7  64-bit operating system, if you are using Vista/7 and have the problem specified in this post, then check out the updated post here: If you use Microsoft’s OracleClient libraries to connect Oracle database in .NET application, you may encounter BadImageFormatException error if the application is running on a x64 machine. The actual error message shows as follows: [InvalidOperationException: Attempt to load Oracle […]

How to install Windows Live Essentials on XP x64?

***NOTE: The method introduced in this post only applies if you want to install Windows Live Essentials on a XP x64 computer.*** According to the system requirements of Windows Live Essentials, Windows XP x64 is not on the supported operating system list. If you search the Internet, you will find many posts talking about how to install Windows Live on XP x64, but most of them will tell you to download some MSI files from […]

Passing XML data to stored procedure in SQL Server 2005

I have been working on a project recently that requires to insert a large amount of records from an Oracle database into a SQL Server 2005. I can’t use DTS to transfer the data because the data has to be extensively formatted before being inserted into the SQL Server. My initial thought was to build a long SQL query by concatenating multiple INSERT statements, then execute the query to have the records to be inserted […]

Where are the installer files for Windows Live Essentials?

When you download Windows Live Essentials from its official website, you will get a web installer file, and this installer will download and install the individual components based on your choice. You may wonder if there is an installer for each individual component in Windows Live Essentials? If yes, then where are they saved in your computer? After you install Windows Live Essentials on you computer, you can find the downloaded installers in the following […]

Windows Defender cannot be installed on Windows XP x64 Edition

My department decided to upgrade my old development pc and here are the specs: Dell Precision T3500 CPU: Intel Xeon W3520 @ 2.67GHz RAM: 6 GB Monitors: 2 X 20’ flat panels Hard drive: 300 GB OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition The reason we are still using Windows XP is that my department is not convinced enough by Windows Vista and would like to upgrade directly to Windows 7 when it becomes available. […]