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How to save an embedded picture in Outlook 2007

You may have noticed that in Microsoft Outlook 2007 there is no option for you to save an embedded picture in an email. If you right-click the embedded picture, you will only get a “Copy” option. So how to save the embedded picture in Outlook 2007? Here are some ways I found: Method 1 – easy but not so attractive 1. Double-click the message to load it in a separate window. 2. Expand “Other Actions” […]

Sending email with Visual Studio 2008 in Windows 7 by using Free SMTP Server

You may already know that Microsoft dropped SMTP in client OS since Windows Vista, so apparently Windows 7 will not have SMTP either. If you need a SMTP on your local machine to test and debug your mail function as I do, you can install a free third-party SMTP server called Free SMTP Server. The installation is very straight forward and you don’t need to do any customization. In your application, just use “localhost” as […]

Configure IIS 7 to work with Visual Studio 2008 in Windows 7

You should install IIS 7 prior to the installation of Visual Studio 2008, otherwise, you will need to run command aspnet_regiis –i with administrator permission. If you install IIS 7 with the default settings, you will get this error when you try to use local IIS instead of the built-in web server in VS 2008, or when you try to create a new web site project on local IIS instead of using the file system. […]

Microsoft makes it hard to submit technical support ticket

When I tried to submit a technical support ticket on Microsoft Outlook 2007 today, I found myself completely stuck at the step 2 “Select a support topic”. According to the instructions, “If your support topic is not listed, select Other, and then click Continue to proceed.” Sounds very simple, right? But the problem is there is no Other option in the drop down list! It is very frustrating!

Email via SMTP rejected by Windows Live mail account, but went through Hotmail account

Because my hosting comapny (IXWebhosting) blocks PHP’s mail() function, I have not be able to receive any email notification from my blog since then, it is one of the reasons I am thinking about switching to a new hosting company. But anyway, I found a WordPress plugin (WP Mail SMTP) that will enable me to use SMTP to send out emails, so I downloaded and installed it in my blog. It worked very well until […]

Virtualization feature in Windows 7 eases pain of upgrading Windows XP

For Windows XP users, a big concern of upgrading to Windows 7 is “Will my Windows XP applications still work in Windows 7”. Remember the nightmare that after upgrading to Windows Vista, many XP users found that their XP applications stopped working and had to roll back to XP? But fear no more, the incoming Windows 7 has a built-in virtualization feature that will enable XP applications to run in Windows 7 and it is […]

How to run aspnet_regiis in Windows 7

In Windows XP, if IIS was installed after Visual Studio was installed, then you would have to run command aspnet_regiis –i in order to make Visual Studio work with IIS. You can do so by clicking Start =>All Programs =>Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 =>Visual Studio Tools =>Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt to open a command prompt, then type in aspnet_regiis –i. Now the question is “can you do the same thing in Windows 7”? The […]

Browser share stats

While Microsoft Internet Explorer still has the biggest market share among all major web browsers, the market share of Mozilla FireFox has increased almost 3.5%, but the market share of Internet Explorer has dropped about 6.5% in the past 11 months, according to the recent report by Net Application: For detailed information of the report, click here.